RIYL: Wavves, Ty Segall

Label: Slice of Wax Records

French punk and roll 4-piece La Secte du Futur have a little something to cure your Monday blues, and it’s b-lining straight towards your Eustachian tubes in search of blood and ear wax.  It’s loud and ferocious, but the vocals split through the fuzz pedals like a snotty Nathan Williams (Wavves) or a pissed-off Ty Segall.  Tread lightly, don’t look at it dead in the eyes, and for God’s sake, don’t taunt it.

However you define the stuff, it’s some bonafied rip-roaring garage noise from across the pond, and Slice of Records has cooked up a gourmet vinyl treatment for the 2-tracker.  You have a choice between red or blue vinyl, both limited to 150, and a screenprinted edition on gold vinyl limited to 100, and all three variants have different covers.  There are all kinds of combos and packages to choose from, so bon chance with your Monday shopping, and don’t pull any muscles.

The Details

"Leaving my Old Life" edition (blue vinyl) - limited to 150
"The Sun is Mine" edition (red vinyl) - limited to 150
Screenprinted edition (gold vinyl) - limited to 100

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Price $6.08

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