Here’s how it probably went down.

The Brothers Gizz were looking at the calendar and figured there was no way in hell they were going to get another two albums out on vinyl by the end of 2017, so they gave the task to all of us…seemingly changing the entire vinyl game in an instant.  Literally ANY label can put this one out on wax.  Imagine the possibilities here…

What’s going to happen now will be nothing short of a clusterf*** of colorways, gimmicks, slogans and promises, so strap in.  There will be turbulence.

What we need from all of you is to be the eyes and ears in this shitstorm.  Post every label you can find that’s doing a variant of their own.  The more, the merrier.  Take THAT, Gizz completists.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Details


This album is FREE. Free as in, free. Free to download and if you wish, free to make copies. Make tapes, make CD’s, make records. The following files will be available to download at 9am Friday 17 Nov, Melbourne, Australia time at kinggizzardandthelizardwizard.com
This is the best option if you wish to download the album for personal use. Available as high quality MP3 files 320 kbps (≈100 MB) or uncompressed WAV files (≈500 MB). Each version contains hi-res digital artwork of the front cover at 4000 x 4000 resolution.

If you wish to press CDs you will need to download the DDP master and CD Artwork template. The DDP master is the format used for identifying information on optical discs. This master has the tracklist, ISRC codes & metadata embedded. In this .ZIP file you will also find a folder with a CD template, front cover art and extra artwork for back cover, inner tray, spine and booklet that you will need to put together yourself.

The vinyl master is a completely seperate master to CD & Digital masters. There are physical limitations to what the head of the lathe can produce when cutting vinyl. For this reason these files will not sound normal on generic Hi Fi speakers. Only use this master if you wanna press vinyl. It will contain a Side A and a Side B WAV file as well as a PQ log for both sides with metadata for the pressing plant. In this .ZIP file you will also find a record cover template and a folder full of artwork ideas you can use to make your own back cover, spine and inner sleeve.

Ever wanted to start your own record label? GO for it! Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes.
We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy.
P.s. If u wanna make cassettes I don’t really know what you would do. Be creative. We did it once but it sounded really shit. Maybe try the WAVs idano

bye bye

Price $15

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