RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, The Murlocs, Flightless Records

Label: Flightless Records / ATO

UPDATED (2/27): 3rd Flightless Records press of /2000 is up!

Man, just when you thought you could take a breather from Nonagon Infinity‘s everlasting psych groove loop…WHAM! ¬†New album. ¬†Prepare yourself for Flying Microtonal Banana, 9 tracks¬†featuring nothing but microtonal instruments.

Each member of the band was given a budget of $200 to buy instruments and turn them microtonal, so expect modified electric guitars and basses, keyboards, harmonicas and a turkish horn called a Zurna. ¬†First single Rattlesnake gives you a taste of what’s to come with a punchy krautrock beat down, wah-wah pedals,¬†Stu Mackenzie’s classic¬†multi-octave double tracking vocals and a f-ing¬†spirit flute solo. ¬†Get juiced, my minstrels. ¬†Come February, we’re gonna have album #9.

Keep in mind that this particular vinyl variant is from ATO Records. ¬†It’ll come with a¬†gold-accented¬†jacket and a zine. ¬†Shit yeah. ¬†I know a lot of you cowboys like getting your wax from the source, so¬†hang in there for Flightless Records to drop their eye candy variants really soon.

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