Jaill has found it’s way from Subpop now to Burger Records and I mean it feels like a better fit to me. The last couple Jaill records were good but I always felt like Subpop might have been pushing them in the wrong direction. This is all 100% speculation, but I can say I’m personally very happy they’re on Burger now, and I love this single so anyways, Yay!

Take a spin of this single, I think we got a sleeper hit here.

The Details

PRE-ORDER JAILL’S BRAND NEW ALBUM "BRAIN CREAM" OUT 6/30 ON BURGER RECORDS!!! First there was Jaill’s “There’s No Sky (Oh My My)” album in 2009, followed by two albums on the renowned Sub Pop!!! Now they’re back on Burger with their best album yet – jangly guitar pop sweetness!!!


Price $20

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