People of Earth, meet Shed House Records.  It’s the place with all the secrets.  “Stay out of the shed”, your dad always said.  Now ya know why…it’s where all the great rock and roll is.  And the beer fridge, of course.

Shed House made a dent in the record collecting community when they honored Dan Sartain’s 2002 underrated stomper Romance in Stereo with a vinyl release.  It’s an Alabama mamma jamma.  Now, they’ve set their sites on Long Beach hoodrat J. BURD, a wild and wily bluesman with a punk ethos.  When those salty riffs crunch against the cymbals on title track In My Head, it conjures up the same voodoo magic that lifted Jack White out of the sewers of Detroit.  It’s the same force that threw Hasil Adkins out of obscurity in the boondocks of West Virginia.  It’s that hip thrusting power that launched Ty Segall out of Orange County and into international acclaim.  A man and a guitar…when it’s done right, it’s seismic.

Black copies are limited to 50 and random colored variants are limited to 250, both priced at $6.  Get em both for $11.  There’s also a dozen die-hard bundles that include a handmade wooden box and a test pressing for $150.  Purty.

The Details

Random color and black 7" are $6 ea or $11 for the bundle
Og splatter has alternate cover with art by Nicholas Gagnon of Obliquitous Art & Design and is only available with the test press variant package and comes housed in a wood slipcase made by Squatchbox
and engraved with artwork from the variant cover with the Shed House Record logo on the back. Only 12 packages are available.

J.BURD hails from Long Beach, CA

Price $6

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