The garage.  The beacon of hope in our world of polished radio schlock.  Wherever you hang your hat, there’s a band down the street from you expelling every last bit of sweat and energy from their pores.  If you thought rock and roll was dying, think again.  Want some proof?  Head to Boston by way of the Rising Fuzz.

What we have here is 10 snarling, snotty, beer-soaked rompers from the boweries of Beantown.  Heavy psych, lofi punk and everything in between, House of the Rising Fuzz takes the baton from the torchbearers of decades prior…Mission of Burma, The Pixies, The Del Fuegos, The Real Kids and Gang Green to name a few.

A great compilation is more than just the music, though.  Local Boston artist Clark Jackson designed the cover and TJ Frida did the graphic design.  The insert is lined with photos of the bands from all local photographers and scattered with art submitted by all 10 of the groups. “It’s really a giant collective of art, not just music, that represents just a little of what’s happening in the city. And I felt like that was important to get out there,” says the compilation’s director, Ben Semeta.

The colored vinyl can still be purchased if you contact any of the bands you see on the compilation.  If you’re digging this as much as I am, do a bit of detective work and get yourself a copy on clear and purple splatter.  Happy Sunday, and Viva Boston.


The Details

(Limited online supplies. So please if you're from the boston area, pick up a copy at one of the bands shows. Or FUZZSTIVAL. Thanks!!!)


"The fuzz underworld (which includes the garage, psychedelic and otherwise heavy rock of the underground scene) here in Boston has been heating up for years now and it is finally boiling over. With the release of House Of The Rising Fuzz Compilation the explosive community of bands, venues, zines and blogs here in Boston finally has a tangible testament to how strong the landscape of independent rock and roll is here in Massachusetts."

-Available in standard black or clear vinyl w/ purple splatter,
-each album is decorated with original art by the bands and photos of all the bands.

Price $13

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