Kick out the jams!  Some serious head-nodding licks going on right here..

My first reaction when hearing the San Francisco outfit Hot Lunch, was to tap my feet beneath the table while nodding my head. Then I felt this overwhelming need to play drums on my lap, and at the same time I wanted to cover both guitar and bass..   The sheer, raw energy these guys deliver had me spinnin’ round like a kid on cotton-candy!   You can really tell that they’re having a blast playing, and they really know how to put down those heavy grooves.

Be sure to check awesome video for “She want’s more” underneath, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about..

This album came out last year, but seems to have been a well hidden secret within the skateboarding-community.   Still some copies available, but probably not for long.

PS!  If you’re quick,  they might also have the “Killer Smile” 7″ single available (also cut in 500 copies)

The Details

Anyone familiar with the heavy, hard-driving punk ‘n’ roll of San Francisco’s HOT LUNCH will tell you that they took too long to release their debut album. But the Lunch lads prefer to do things the old fashioned way – they funded it by saving the money made from playing shows. They also wanted to work with Tim Green of Louder Studios, who could capture the ass-kicking, face-punching, mouth-slapping intensity of their live performances onto an analogue two-inch tape medium for a classic sounding fidelity.

The band would much rather have you listen to their music than read about it, so enjoy the heavy jams of HOT LUNCH’s self-titled debut album on Who Can You Trust? Records.

(respectfully edited from the info on Who Can You Trust? Records..)

Price $19

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