RIYL: Nuggets Compilations

Label: What's Your Rupture?

Like any of your favorite garage rock classics, a Honey Radar song never outstays its welcome. ¬†They check in, throw the TV off the balcony¬†and leave in a billow of piney haze before you even know where to send the bill. ¬†Blank Cartoon is an 18-tracker that blisters through addictive riff after addictive riff and is over before your favorite half-hour sitcom can resolve itself. ¬†Jason Henn’s¬†vocal¬†delivery¬†adds a softening touch to the razor sharp guitar edge, but this one ain’t for picnic lunches or sidewalk strolls. ¬†If you’re hungry for sweaty,¬†amphetamine-soaked rock and roll, look no further.

The first pressing of the record, which has no specific quantity mentioned, will be on red vinyl. ¬†Everything after will be on black vinyl. ¬†If you like what you hear, there’s also a very limited 7″ on a few different colorways that you can buy HERE. ¬†There are only 75 clear and 75 orange copies¬†available, so now’s the time.

The Details

Second LP from Philadelphia's Honey Radar. First batch of LPs will be on red... additional LPs on black.

This is a pre-order and LPs will be shipped around 5/20.

Price $14.99

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