Hidden Charms nick their name from an old blues lick from Willie Dixon made famous by Howlin’ Wolf, so in the grand tradition of British bluesophilia, here comes the next wave.

Where Mick & Keef, Plant & Page and Clapton & Baker went a more traditional blues route with an amplified approach, there were LOADS of young, snarling snots that took those Delta riffs into the amphetamine-blasted fast lane.  Van Morrison’s Them, The Who and The Kinks lit their stages on fire and created a different scene from the same cloth.  Hidden Cameras are descendants from the latter breed, and newest single Dreaming of Another Girl is primped and polished for radios and festivals.

In the states, bands like White Fence, Thee Oh Sees and Morgan Delt approach psych and garage rock with a lofi, sweaty garage vibe…but across the pond, the Brits are spending a bit more time and dough in the studio.  Temples, Telegram and now Hidden Charms are creeping into the airwaves, and you can practically hear their pristine haircuts.

No word on the quantity of the 7″, but limited is limited, my babies.  $8 gets you the wax.

The Details

Debut limited edition black vinyl 7" single from London band Hidden Charms. Produced by Shel Talmy and custom full color artwork by Young and Sick. Shrink Wrapped.

Price $8

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