RIYL: Kathleen Hanna, The Black Belles, CSS

Label: Greenway Records

Make way for London’s surliest batch of garage surf misfits. ¬†Ghost Car is back with another set of tracks after a split 12″ with Summerisle back in 2015. ¬†Bend an ear if you dig organ-laced surf rock with generous amounts of vintage cool.

There’s a head-bobbing beach party vibe with these 4 ladies, but don’t let your guard down too soon. ¬†They may be sweet and charming on the outside, but there’s a ferocity embedded in those fuzzy riffs that’s not to be trifled with. ¬†They’ll steal your boyfriend and your wallet while you’re pumping the keg. ¬†Check out B-side Missing the Old Times on Soundcloud¬†HERE.

Greenway Records has 100 gourmet copies on pink & yellow¬†splatter vinyl for $12, and these will come with an alternative screenprinted cover. ¬†For $8, grab the pink¬†vinyl version that‚Äôs ¬†limited to 200 copies or just do away with the decision process entirely and grab them both in a bundle. ¬†All of these options await you after the ‚Äėbuy‚Äô link.

The Details

GWY-018 Pepto Pink Edition // Pink Vinyl // Limited to 200 Copies - $8

GWY-020 Splatter Edition // Pink & Yellow Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 100 Copies - $12
- ALTERNATE COVER! Spray Painted, Hand-Printed Linocut by cover artist Dan Curran.

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Price $8

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