Here at Slyvinyl we are huge HUGE Ty Segall fans. Speaking for myself I have to say that of all 12,347 bands that Ty is in Fuzz is perhaps my favorite.

Earlier this year I had the aural pleasure of having my face melted by Fuzz in a tiny basement venue. My brain has been reverberating in my skull ever since.

The first thing that you will notice about the Deluxe Edition is the price. At $75 it is a full 50% increase over the Deluxe Edition for the first Fuzz record. Do you own the Deluxe of the first record? Can you really live with not having this Deluxe Edition to go with your other one? Yah, me neither.

If you can’t swing $75, or you just aren’t the level of sucker that I am, then you can grab the standard edition for a cool $25.

This goes on sale Tomorrow, Friday, September 18, 2015 at 12pm PST.

Be there, or be…lurking on eBay I guess.

The Details

PRE-ORDER STARTS 09/18/2015 at 12PM PST

There will multiple versions of this extraordinary double LP to choose from. Aside from the standard black vinyl version, you will have a chance to snag the colored vinyl version, or the deluxe vinyl version. To insure that you are satisfied with your order - PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BEFORE PURCHASE:

COLORED VINYL: The first 200 double LPs will be available on WHITE colored vinyl. The price for this version will be: $25.00 (the same price as the standard black version) + shipping for orders outside of the US. Colored vinyl will start shipping in mid-October.
DELUXE VERSION: We will have 300 copies of the deluxe vinyl version. This version will have the album art with black on GOLD foil, and GOLD colored vinyl. It will also include a special edition poster only available with purchase of this version. This version will be: $75.00 + shipping for orders placed outside of the US. The deluxe version will not ship until November.
T-SHIRTS: We will also have new Fuzz II t-shirts featuring the amazing album art by Tatiana Kartomten.
-Both the Colored Vinyl Version and the Deluxe Version are limited to one per customer. No exceptions. No buying for a friend or family member. Tell your friend to set up a paypal if they do not yet have one.

-Even if you place your order as soon as you possibly can, you are not guaranteed either of the special edition versions of this release. All orders are on a first come, first served basis. If we run out before we get to your order, you will recieve the standard black version. If you absolutely can not live with the standard version, please include a note in the "Instructions to merchant" section of your paypal order, and we will refund you. If you leave a note in this section of your order, we will see it. No need to send a separate email.

-Speaking of emails, please do not, I repeat do not email to ask if you've made it in time for colored vinyl. We will have no way of knowing this information until the orders are physically packed, which is going to take some time. If Igor has to answer hundreds of emails addressing this concern, it will take everyone a whole lot longer to receive their orders, and will make poor Igor's job a lot harder than it needs to be. Please, be nice to Igor.

Price $75

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