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Label: Half A Cow Records

Future Silence is the new project by Chicago dwellers Shannon Roberts (STAR / Modern Tyranny), Kirk McMahon (Slow Thrills / Sabertooth Rodeo) and Rosie Schubert (Slow Thrills), and their self titled 12″ EP is dropping via Aussie label Half A Cow on Sept 13th.ย  The EP is a sweet little treat that brings to mind the sounds of MTV’s 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation in the glory days of 90’s indie-rock.ย  Shannon’s lush vocals (w/ a slight “couldn’t care less” attitude) floats brilliantly on top of the moody, cinematic tunes in here, which seems equally inspired by both by dream-pop and garage/indie-rock. Check out the first available track “Kansas Plains”, and grab one of the 300 EPs through the “Buy Now” button underneath!

(PS! You fine AU peeps can grab the EP straight from Half A Cow Records HERE )




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