RIYL: The Doors, The Fresh & Onlys, The Black Angels

Label: Greenway Records

Fresh off a¬†lethal¬†garage surf debut LP in 2016, London¬†4-piece Dead Coast have¬†cut together another dose of psychedelic jollification, a treat for your brain stems all the way down to your hindquarters. ¬†Dead Coast’s eery organ additive is essential to their haunted psych vibes,¬†worthy of any shamanic¬†meditation or beachside barbecue. ¬†Check out the title track HERE.

Greenway Records previously reissued their debut full-length, and they’re back again to five the new 7″ the proper treatment. ¬†Both limited to 100 copies, you can choose the clear vinyl for a cool $8 or splurge on the splatter copy, pictured above, with an alternative screen-printed sleeve. ¬†Those will run you $12. ¬†Godspeed and good luck in your choice, traveler.

The Details

GWY-019 Clear Edition // Clear Vinyl // Limited to 100 Copies!
GWY-019 Ancient Egypt Edition // 'Ancient Egyptian' Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 100 Copies!
- ALTERNATE COVER! Spray Painted, Hand-Printed Linocut by cover artist Dan Curran.

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Price $8

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