RIYL: The Doors, The Fresh & Onlys, The Black Angels

Label: Greenway Records

Fresh off a lethal garage surf debut LP in 2016, London 4-piece Dead Coast have cut together another dose of psychedelic jollification, a treat for your brain stems all the way down to your hindquarters.  Dead Coast’s eery organ additive is essential to their haunted psych vibes, worthy of any shamanic meditation or beachside barbecue.  Check out the title track HERE.

Greenway Records previously reissued their debut full-length, and they’re back again to five the new 7″ the proper treatment.  Both limited to 100 copies, you can choose the clear vinyl for a cool $8 or splurge on the splatter copy, pictured above, with an alternative screen-printed sleeve.  Those will run you $12.  Godspeed and good luck in your choice, traveler.

The Details

GWY-019 Clear Edition // Clear Vinyl // Limited to 100 Copies!
GWY-019 Ancient Egypt Edition // 'Ancient Egyptian' Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 100 Copies!
- ALTERNATE COVER! Spray Painted, Hand-Printed Linocut by cover artist Dan Curran.

Additional Images

Price $8

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