What you’ll find on this 7″ (accompanied with an intriguing cover) is sunny, lively garage rock. Not even clocking in at two minutes, the A-Side “Leisure Burn” is suitable for both those with no patience and can serve as a possible oasis for those who usually listen to longer songs. The pair that make Dash Jacket get their point across succinctly and fuzzily, with no usage of metaphors of analogies which makes it much easier for the listener to take in instead of having to think about it. I do like to analyze songs for possible underlying meanings but sometimes it’s nice to not have to think about things. Fire Talk’s description of the tracks being “sunny” is just right on point. The A-Side “Leisure Burn” is available for streaming via the Soundcloud player. See what you think of it! Cheers!

The Details

Sun dried guitar jams from two Southern California chillers. Just in time for Winter, Matty and Thom keep those sunny vibes in the back of our minds until the snow melts.


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