Castle Face Records.  Rockers of garages, lovers of colored vinyl, beaters of ass.

Dan Melchior’s bedroom recordings from 2008-2011 will give you everything you’ve expected from Castle Face.  Treble and bass cranked up to 14, Nuggets-era riffing and lo-fi perfection…it’ all there.

The cover reminds me of The Rolling Stones’ notorious lip logo, an icon of drugged out rock n roll decadence.  In a sense, this cover represents his music perfectly.  Take something familiar, put it in a headlock and turn it on its arse.  I’ll support that kind of ethos any day of the week.

The Details

I hope that you guys have taken Dan Melchior into your fry-minds as a singular and radical voice, I know I have. What we have here is a hand picked collection of his home studio crunchers (and a studio track or two) from his 2008-2011 archives. Excellent and ear wormy stuff. I find myself chanting "I got Germanic laughter ringing in my ears" (from "Schadenfreude") which on paper looks like nothing that could possibly stick in your head, but that's his grimy brilliance in action. It's also assisting in a good cause - we're donating a chunk of the proceedings to helping with Dan's wife and co-conspirator Letha's medical bills.

The colored vinyl for this one is Bloody Gums with Saliva Splatter, and has a spot glossed jacket (black vinyl doesn't) is limited to 500 copies, and is only available from Dan and from us, so don't be shy now.

Price $17

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