As a Cincinnatian, I’m very familiar with the DAAP Girls and have had the pleasure of catching them live a bunch.  I’ve actually even photographed them a few times as well (you can see some of the photos here).  These guys are a blast live and I can’t wait to get my hands on this record!

The tangerine colored LP is limited to 100, after that all orders will be black vinyl.


DAAP Girls – I’m Gone

The Details

Cincinnati's DAAP Girls are a group that live and die by their tape machines. After the release of their debut Tape Songs, recorded in an old Masonic Lodge on a worn down 8 track machine, the Girls returned to the studio to destroy a couple more reels and reels of tape. The result, Look Inside your Love, is a howling, messed up affair bleeding together garage and R&B, punk and old soul.

Lead by singer Stuart MacKenzie's shredded voice and Mike Felger's barbed wire guitar, DAAP Girls lay down a stripped, heavy rhythm. Organist Alex Duckworth purrs and snarls while horn section, saxophonist Brain Gilronan and trombonist Colin Thompson, respond to all the calls. All the while drummer Daniel Peterson and bassist J Duckworth experiment with shoving Pressure Drop down the throat of Motown and golden oldies.

DAAP Girls came together when Stuart MacKenzie wrote a stack of excellent songs and decided he wanted to start wearing a suit. Whipped into shape by J Duckworth and Daniel Peterson the songs became 2013's Tape Songs which lead to opening for Weezer, a “Best New Artist” award from the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, a set at the Bunbury Music Festival and a lot of sweaty exciting shows.

More members jumped on board along the way until the Girls became a 7 piece machine wreaking havoc on Cincinnati's tape machines. The DAAP Girls have decided to give the tape machines a little rest, taking their show, a combination soul-review and basement party, on the road in support of Look Inside your Love, coming this winter on LP from Soul Step Records.

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