Picture John Dwyer as your track coach in high school.  You’re on mile 4 and running on fumes, so to motivate your lazy ass to the finish line, he’s yelling unintelligible words into a megaphone while physically assaulting a guitar.  Meanwhile, garage rawk percussion by way of The Seeds and The Ramones keeps your pace while a rundown Rhodes organ pumps air into your flattened lungs.

You may have a heart attack when you cross that finish line, but damn it all…you’re going to finish the race.  Rock n roll is your greatest motivator, and it may or may not literally kill you one day.  If that’s not a selling point to buy this bonafied lofi garage classic, then there’s nothing I can do for you anymore.  Quit the team and go join the chess club.

The Details

Hello from the hills,

Very pleased to announce that the move is complete and we're ready to release these incredible looking and sounding Coachwhips LPs upon the unsuspecting public. This is the same classic Coachwhips lineup as last year's reissue of "Hands On The Controls" and Dwyer and company keep it simple, short and brutal, with the addition of the creeping, drooling zombie sex trance that is the title track at the tail end of the disc. A fine collection of howlers and check the freaky Gumdrop Splatter colored vinyl - a tasty treat for the eyes and the ear-holes, and it includes a bonus poster with Mohammed Senior (that's Jr. on the cover).

Price $17

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