More great stuff coming out of Australia. Carrie Phillis & The Downtown 3’s sound has been described as “The Ronettes thrown in the back of a panel van with the MC5” and I can’t disagree with that assessment. If, like me, you missed out on grabbing their Spend It With You vinyl EP back in 2013, you might want to pick this one up. First 100 copies are on clear vinyl with black available after the clear sell out.

Coming from Australia, shipping to the U.S. is a killer: but so is this song.

The Details


A new release for CARRIE PHILLIS & THE DOWNTOWN 3 and the second release for CONQUEST OF NOISE.

Thats right CONQUEST OF NOISE is proud to present the new 7" from CARRIE PHILLIS & THE DOWNTOWN 3.
After selling out last years debut ep in record time Carrie and the gang are back with vengeance. Carrie (ex Booby Traps), Johnny Casino (ex Asteroid B612), Scotty Nash (ex Asteroid B612) & Craig "Action" Jackson (ex Brother Brick & more) have hit back hard with a ripping new track "Let's Go" & a killer cover of the Badfinger tune "Rock Of All Ages" This time they dragged in Australian underground legend Rob Younger (ex Radio Birdman/New Christs) to helm the desk. And the end result is what's blasting out your speakers right now. I could drag this sucker out but here at C.O.N HQ we believe in letting the music do the talking. So no long winded blurb goin on from us at the label.

Price $10.99

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