RIYL: dark surf psych tropicalia

Label: Six Tonnes de Chair Records

Every once in a while, a band defies my abilities as a music critic to throw a definition onto their sound.¬† French 5-piece Cannibale is one of those bands.¬† Picture Nick Cave clad in an opened bermuda shirt with a slather of sunscreen painted on his snow white nose,¬†twisting and crooning by a beach bonfire with Manzarek on the organ, Link Wray on lead guitar and Frankie Avalon on the cowbell.¬† Confused?¬† Yeah, me too, but holy hell, these fellas have tapped into an infectiously fun groove on this 7″.¬† Both tracks cough up elements of vintage surf, psychedelia, post punk and even tropicalia.¬† When’s the full-length comin’ out, boys??¬† I want more!

Six Tonnes De Chair Records has 100 copies of the 7″ on white wax and 200 on black.¬† Both variants are housed in a screen-printed sleeve with the love and affection you’ve come to expect from Six Tonnes.¬† Grab a color of your choosing or save a few bucks on a bundle after the ‘buy’ link.¬† Listen to both tracks below.

The Details

WHITE VINYL - 100 copies. Hand screen printed sleeve.
BLACK VINYL - 200 copies. Hand screen printed sleeve.

Item ships out on or around March 15, 2019.

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Price $9

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