Bully¬†(not to be confused with ’90s’ 4AD¬†Belly)¬†is a band that I found out about on¬†Impose¬†a couple months ago or so, and I’m so glad I did. They’re rad. To me they sound like The Breeders,¬†Mourn, and even¬†Whirr a bit. The group has a debut record coming out on June 23 and it’s called¬†Feels Like. StarTime International (an imprint of Columbia Records) is releasing this¬†one into the atmosphere.¬†Check out the opening track of the record down below. Also, if you click “Buy Now” it’ll take you to the band’s merch page, which has the two vinyl variants. It also might transport you to 1993 where you’ll forever be stuck at some¬†Belly¬†show in the midwest…who knows; not me.

The Details

500 Clear w/ Red Blob
500 Clear w/ Blue Blob

Price $20

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