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Bully made a big splash in 2015 with their debut full-length, one of my favorites of the year. I tend to be pretty nit-picky about garage rock as a lot of newer bands under that umbrella are starting to sound the same, but something about Bully drew me in. Some time after becoming addicted to Feels Like, I read that front-woman, Alicia Bognanno, studied to be an audio engineer. Understandably, a “raw” sound & refined engineering don’t intuitively go hand-in-hand, but I think that’s exactly what sets Bully apart. Instead of feigning an unpolished, basement sound expected of grungy garage music, Bognanno embraces her prowess & puts it to work, allowing the true grit to show through her unfiltered lyrics & unapologetic rasp—not to mention a band who seriously knows how to play without over-playing—making Bully all the more honest.

I will say, $25 plus $6 shipping is a little steep compared to the standard black version, but 1.) it’s direct through the band’s Bandcamp, which is nice, & 2.) their first pressings sound incredible on wax. For the record, I wouldn’t even consider myself a hardcore audio-wonk, but I was astonished when I first spun the record after listening to the digital release prior—a big plus during a time when pressing quality has been hit or miss. I like to think Bognanno’s background had something to do with the quality control, but perhaps I’m just projecting now.

Anyways, if you’re a Bully fan, record collector, & audiophile, this one shouldn’t be too tough of a decision. Also a safe bet for those unfamiliar, looking to start off 2016 with some rad tunes on eye-catching wax.

The Details

The limited edition pressing of Bully's debut record FEELS LIKE on red & blue splatter vinyl. This will be available for pre-order beginning Christmas Day 2015. Records will begin shipping January 28th. Only 500 copies available for pre-order.

Every pre-order received will be entered into a drawing for a copy of the now out-of-print Bully EP 7" Record. We will draw a name and announce the winner on January 25th.

Records come with a digital download code.

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Price $25

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