“Scam” is an uber lo-fi A-side, with the sound of an extremely low grade demo tape but I’m sure the Vermont duo of Blanche Blanche Blanche were going for that. It sounds like the guitar is not allowed to fully develop and it, along with the vacuums, are succumbing to this sound vortex that’s just sucking them in. Dischordal guitar riffing chimes in as clear as day periodically, and a whole mess of fuzz and static invade the song. To accurately describe this, I guess I would say this sounds like a very weak television transmission. With “Press Dumps,” I’m not sure if you could say the audio is in worse shape with the vocals and chorus even more hidden by the conglomeration of haphazard sounds and noise – this track is made in collaboration with another band by the name of The Birds of Paradise. The music video accompanied with “Press Dumps” looks like something Harmony Korine would have had a hand in with its use of VHS as a medium (or just some adept editing to give it the look of an old VHS tape). Listen to both songs below via the YouTube videos and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

After releases on feeding tube and nightpeople, vermont's BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE release a new 7", with "the best songs we ever did" on it ... limited to 300 copies!

SARAH SMITH and ZACH PHILLIPS assemble mostly keyboard-oriented skeletal pop gems from the softest imaginable bones. Sarah Smith sings like a torchier version of the Young Marble Giants' Allison Stratton, singing lost fragments from the Randy Newman Songbook. Smith's guitar playing seems effortless but planned out with a true heart. It's an incredible combination that always pulls itself back from the brink of potential cutesy-pieness with genuinely unexpected moves and a fully brilliant manner of constructing songs. A surrealist cocktail masterpiece.

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