RIYL: The Sonics

Label: Greenway Records

Some musicians make their deals with The Devil at the crossroads, others attempt their worthiness in guitar duels and fiddle-offs with the fallen angel. Irish trio Black Temple Shrines signed their blood oath on a surfboard.

Churning out fuzzy, scuzzy surf blues, this is the Dublin outfit’s first vinyl endeavor.  Fans from The Sonics to The Allah-Las will find something here to lift them over the crest.  Close your eyes, feel the wind in your hair, but don’t look down…you’re riding on the Lake of Fire, my friend.  It’s gonna get hot.

These records go on sale at 3:00 PM EST on Sunday, May 15th. The ‘sea blue’ variant is limited to just 50 and will run you $21.  The “rough seas” splatter variant is limited to 150 and costs $25.  Check out the 2 colorways and listen to one of the E.P.’s tracks below.

The Details

Available from Greenway Records on glorious 10″ vinyl, limited to 200 copies for sale, this record is sure to become a collectors item…
Today the record goes on sale, Sunday May 15th @ 3PM EST

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Price $25

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