Good f-ing golly, Miss Molly.  Pop music.  Lil’ Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis threw some tart on it.  Brian Wilson added some strings and 4-part harmony to it.  Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee threw a leather jacket on it and fed it through 18 amplifiers (we call that rock n roll).  Devo dressed it up in robo-punk synths and playful irony.  And on and on it progressed.

The Barreracudas know you’re still listening.  Bubble gum and lemonade taste just as good as they did 60 years ago.  We still have the same problems with the opposite sex, we still want to do the wrong thing despite the consequences.  Damn it, we just want to have some FUN.  Let The Arcade Fire write the concept albums.


Grab a 3 liter of Sunkist, order a couple of pizzas and take your damn pants off.  This is a 7” that promises nothing but a good time.  Bam Bam B-Bam, B-Bam Bam B-Bam.

The Details


A side: Promises
B side: Young and Dumb

Green & Pink Splatter: $8 (plus shipping)

Price $8

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