Good f-ing golly, Miss Molly. ¬†Pop music. ¬†Lil’ Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis threw some tart on it. ¬†Brian Wilson added some strings and 4-part harmony to it. ¬†Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee¬†threw a leather jacket on it and fed it through 18 amplifiers (we call that rock n roll). ¬†Devo dressed it up in robo-punk synths and playful irony. ¬†And on and on it progressed.

The Barreracudas know you’re still listening. ¬†Bubble gum and lemonade taste just as good as they did 60 years ago. ¬†We still have the same problems with the opposite sex, we still want to do the wrong thing despite the¬†consequences. ¬†Damn it, we¬†just¬†want to have some FUN. ¬†Let The Arcade Fire write the concept albums.


Grab a 3 liter of Sunkist, order a couple of pizzas and take your damn pants off. ¬†This is a¬†7” that¬†promises nothing but a¬†good time. ¬†Bam Bam B-Bam, B-Bam Bam B-Bam.

The Details


A side: Promises
B side: Young and Dumb

Green & Pink Splatter: $8 (plus shipping)

Price $8

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