The debut album from garage rock eclectics Atlantic Thrills slipped past Sly’s vinyl sonar last year, and we dare not slip again.  The boys from Providence are back with another round of rock and roll baptisms, and you’re only a click away from dipping your heads into their purified waters.

Every damn track on this album shortens the generation gap from the rock and roll canon of decades past and polishes it off with an updated punk ethos. Live for the Weekend takes the tried-and-true surf rock party and and jabs it with a syringe of adrenaline.  Bible in a Bowl is a stiff glammed-up gospel shot of aural communion straight down your lobes, and Almost Anything clatters around a jangly riff from the school of The Clean and blankets it in bubble gum.  I double dog dare you to try and find some filler on this one.

Pick up the album on red wax after the ‘buy’ link, and if you’re just now tuning into the band, you can still pick up their debut full-length HERE as well as a couple of 7″s HERE and HERE.

The Details

500 black vinyl
150 red vinyl
200 cassettes
130 promo CDs
130 standard CDs


Price $16

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