Atlantic Thrills are on their way back with a new album soon, but they’re wetting your party whistles with a little 2-tracker in the meantime.  Providence’s rowdiest misfits started making dents in 2013, gaining momentum the following year with their scabby-knuckled self-titled full-length, a stomping good time full of juicy riffs that could’ve only been concocted in a garage with lungs full of East Coast grass and guts filled with whiskey.

Their new Bed Bugs 7″ plays out like a weekend bender.  Side A’s title track is all moonshine, uppers, laughers, flamethrowers and dartboards.  Essentially, it’s a Tuesday night out with The Black Lips.  The beat jaunts along like your heart rate after a quick bumpski in the bar bathroom stall.  The b-side is the Sunday morning coming down, a sedated take on The Archies’ Sugar Sugar.  The memories of your previous night’s exploits are foggy, but the headache reminds you that it was a bang-up good time.

Grab one of the 300 7″s after the buy link and keep an eye on these guys.

The Details

What ruins summer faster than an infestation? Nasty suckers, tougher to ditch than the stench off a moldy bathing suit in a Chevy with the windows rolled up. Fortunately, Providence, RI's Atlantic Thrills have the soundtrack for a mattress fire and a salve for your pustular soul. "Bed Bugs" is jukebox gold for haunted pizza parlors and abandoned bowling alleys; gigantic surf licks and a chorus like a choir of ghouls coming on stronger than a sunburn across Glen Danzig´s pecs.

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