RIYL: NYC rawk n roll

Label: Greenway Records

This is one of those ‘think fast’, ‘get one or get out of the way’ posts.  Greenway Records has dropped an insanely rare 7″ from the fun-as-hell psych garage rockers we know as Acid Dad.  Half of them are gone as we speak, so if that’s all you need to wet your whistles, be gone with you and godspeed.  If you still need some convincing, here’s Greenway’s write-up.

“I’m super stoked to share with you the brand new 7” from Acid Dad for “Living With A Creature”, this 7” features the bands logo etched into the b-side. The crazy thing is this record took a total of 9 days from initial idea to having a pressed record in our hands! Huge thank you to both Stereodisk and Wrecords by monkey for helping figure out how to do this, we never made an etched b side before at this pressing plant (there are/where only 2 places in the world that could do it, now you can make that 3 😬) this very special 7” features hand stamping and numbering, 20 red copies 20 blue copies and 100 black copies, the colored vinyl will be first come first served on orders via one preorder.”

The Details

Acid Dad - Living With A Creature

20 Red
20 Blue
100 Black

*Limited edition one time pressing. Color vinyl is first come, first served on orders. No guarantees. Everyones a winner!

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Price $8.98

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