RIYL: Hanni El Khatib,

Label: Killroom Records

The first song, Awkward Waltz, from Acapulco Lips sounds like something from a Tarantino score. The thumping bass, surf guitar, and soprano vocals make my blood boil. Suddenly I’m transported to a dusty rural road and I’m in a Pontiac GTO and seeing if this baby can hit 110 before the helicopter spots me in the dark. What’s in the trunk? You’ll have to sit through 3 more hours of movie to get a glimpse.

This is the first release from brand spanking new Seattle label, Killroom Records(not to be confused with Canada’s Kill Room Records). I have high hopes for this label. It’s run by a couple of Seattle music industry vets, who wanted to make a place for great Seattle bands to get noticed and heard. It is limited to 500 vinyl copies and will also be available on CD and digital.

Also, thank you Killroom for selling your records at a reasonable price. Other labels take note.

If you happen to be in the Seattle area there is a special $20 package which includes the LP as well as a ticket to a private release party on April 15 at Killroom Studios.

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Price $15

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