Outsider Folk as it’s best. self released, only 100 copies made with a lot of love. this could have been released in the 70ies. Copies in the US are already sold out, but you can still get it directly from wonderfuls bandcamp page.

This is a review from Volcanic Tongue.

“Edition of only 100 hand-numbered copies LP from this mysterious Australian project: their recent 7” and cassette releases spoke more of a drug-damaged folk-punk take on Royal Trux but this amazing LP relocates their downer jams somewhere else entirely, with a beautiful Spectrasound/devotional folk feel that is somewhere between basement Starsailor-isms, The Gun Club circa “Breaking Hands” and an unholy Lee Hazelwood/Darren Harris/Dredd Foole duo project. The vocals retain the mutant deadpan-isms of the earlier work but now they float off on endless F/X dissolved guitar arpeggios, giving the songs a softer, sadder appeal. The lyrics are still macabre and bleak but they’re delivered in a way that reminds me of the early Cannanes’ stuff, like the Happy Swing cassette or The African Man’s Tomato LP, where they would sing about dead animals and baby skeletons in a way that belied and made magical the subject matter. Anyway, the lyrics are even darker here but they’re delivered alongside such incongruously beautiful settings of slow-wheeling psychedelic strings – with that euphoric Gun Club/Roy Montgomery chorus/F/X haze – and low-slung vocalese that the effect is uniquely confounding. Play it back to back with Dan Ireton’s Kissing The Contemporary Bliss for a lesson in maximal folk dislocation. Totally out of nowhere, one of the great ‘loner’ privates of the year. Very highly recommended.”

The Details

Robert Vagg - Vocals
Danny McGirr - Guitar
Tashi Yami - Synth

Wonderfuls Salty Town
12 inch vinyl out now
100 copies available.
Contact wonderfulsmusic@gmail.com

UK copies here as well, but really expensive.
Salty Town LP Scotland / UK (12 copies only) :

Price $25

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