Cerulean Salt saw a peculiar release much earlier this year on the punk label Don Giovanni and with that, it was met with some critical acclaim. Why I say it’s peculiar is obvious – this release is anything BUT punk. Cerulean Salt would make Katie Crutchfield’s second release on Don Giovanni and her second release overall. Within Cerulean Salt you’ll find Crutchfield crafting, for the most park, subdued folk hymns with rock tinges with self-examination and a somber outlook. Songs such as “Coast to Coast,” however bring on the indie rocker side of Crutchfield but it still is a beast of its own kind with the loudness giving your ears a warm hug instead of alienating you from the experience.  If you’re a fan of Cat Power, The Moldy Peaches, or Rilo Kiley then I implore you to check out Cerulean Salt if you haven’t already. I’ve linked a Spotify stream below so see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

‘Cerulean Salt’ was released in March in the US via venerable punk label Don Giovanni to critical acclaim, and now gets a full release for the rest of the world through Wichita Recordings.

The strength of ‘Cerulean Salt’ lies in the simplicity and purity of its songs, with melodies that immediately penetrate, alongside Katie Crutchfield’s frank vocal delivering devastating, straight-from-theheart lyrics backed with lacerating guitars and slouchy basslines.

Sounding like an instant classic from the get go, the album’s songwriting recalls the rawness of early Cat Power, the introspective lyrics of Rilo Kiley and the indie fuzz of The Breeders.

“Katie Crutchfield has a way of delivering a line so casually that it takes a half-dozen listens to fully realise how devastating it is… the work of a songwriter skilled enough to make introspection seem not self-centered, but generous” - Pitchfork

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