RIYL: Pure Bathing Culture, Stone Roses, Live music awesomeness, long walks at dusk that turn into long walks at night

Label: Easy Sound Recording

Look. Just go to Pickathon already. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this before you wise up.

Anyway, here is the 4th volume of the vinyl-only Live at Pickathon splits. This one is a folk band on one side and a bunch of werewolves on the other. I mean, Wolf People. Not werewolves.

The below video is from the famed Woods Stage at Pickathon. It’s a stage that is, umm, out in the middle of the woods. But it’s more than just that! LOOK AT THAT FRICKEN THING!

Get your tickets to Pickathon next and come say hi.

The Details

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Limited Edition, one-time pressing exclusively on 150 g. black vinyl.

Culled from four incredible performances over the first weekend of August 2015.

The fourth release from the 'Live at Pickathon' series. A ‘vinyl-only / limited-pressing’ endeavor, which focuses on the festivals historically diverse lineups and intimate one-of-a-kind performances. Each release hand selected from the massive archive of more than 15 years of recordings; remixed, mastered and wrapped in original artwork featuring illustrations by Travis Bone of Furturtle.

Side A
01 You May Be Blue
02 Keep Your Head Up High
03 Current Carry
04 Another Reason To Go
05 Wishing Well

Side B
Wolf People
01 Silbury Sands
02 When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate
03 Rhine Sagas
B4 One By One From Dorney Reach

*Pressed in Milwaukie, Oregon at Cascade Record Pressing.

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