THISELL debut hit me without warning. When I put on the vinyl, I didn’t expect such a beautiful record. it was like to listen to a very old record, that was already there for all these years and was waiting just for me. These quiet songs songs have all the usual ingredients a lot of other folk songs have. I can’t say what it is, that makes them so special and present. Maybe it’s the fact, that the songs were made in a short period of time. Thisells friends came by for 10 days and that they played some music for pure joy. Listen to these songs feels like sitting in the living room with Thisell and his Band playing live beside me. They started a long long time ago, before i was there and they will play on with or without me. The gentle drums pushing the songs slowly forward, the guitar gets some tacts to play a little bridge, the violin plays quietly a heartfelt melody, Thisells nasal voice follows quietly and sometimes even his bandmates start to sing in a small choir. If you have 4 Minutes, listen to “Town Of Windows” below. It’s one of my favorites songs this year. but, be prepared…

The Details

In the summer of 2010 Swedish songwriter and musician Peter Thisell assembled a group of musicians to record an album in the old village school of Lur in southern Sweden. A big red wooden building that was taken out of use in the sixties functioned as a studio and home for the musicians, their friends, families and animals during a week in August.

The intention was to make a record the way they were made ages ago, and to do so in close collaboration with the musicians. The studio was set up in the old classroom and sessions were made completely live.

In an array of cables, microphones, instruments, coffee cups and wine glasses work was hard but joyous. Letting everything take time and not pushing the songs forward but rather waiting on signs from them to follow.

Taking breaks for meals, swims in the lake nearby and games of coronne the record evolved slowly and gently. Letting the songs lead the way and playing them until you are in a trance-like state where you push yourself musically as well as emotionally until you have reached an intensity between the musicians so strong the only relevant comparation that comes to mind is making love.

Three years have passed and now THISELL appears on JellyFant Records, a small vinyl only label in Oberhausen.

Much has happened since the recordings. The members of the band scattered across Sweden after the recordings and it wasn´t until this summer they met up again, this time to record the follow-up to the debut album that lay before you.

One might think that things sometimes reach a standstill; nothing happens, nothing evolves, nothing changes. And although much of what happened in 2010 is still present much has also changed. People grow, dynamics change, relations deepen.

After playing and living together for another week this summer it is clear. We all fight our own battles; some of which we win, others are lost. When working together for a mutual goal you rise above yourself. In a process truly collective you keep your back straight, head high and heart wide open.

We hope you will hear the love, honesty and hard work that went into these recordings. It is a week of our lives we shall never forget.

We hope the songs live with you for a while or maybe longer.

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