RIYL: The Cave Singers, The Avett Brothers, Sharon Van Etten

Label: Dualtone

The Wild Reeds have had a few releases on smaller labels, but nothing official until now, on Dualtone. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Sharon Silva, Kinsey Lee and Mackenzie Howe make up a trio that will melt your heart with their twangy guitar, flawless harmonies and catchy melodies. “Only Song” is an official single and NPR did a little investigating on the song itself.

Mackenzie Howe wrote “Only Songs,” the track we’re premiering from the upcoming record. Mackenzie told [NPR] via email that the song’s words came to her in one sitting, which is rare. She took it as a good sign. “It’s about the feeling that music gives you,” she says. “If you’ve ever toured you know that your whole day of driving and waiting and sound-checking revolves around an hour or two every night โ€” the live show. And that it’s such a rush, and an honor to perform, that you’re willing to live with your friends in a van just to do it again and again every night. It’s also about the moment when you realize no man [or] woman, relationship, or status can give you the satisfaction of the strange and holy experience that is your own creativity. There’s a freedom in music found nowhere else and it doesn’t discriminate, it’s in the garage and the cathedral.” NPR – All Songs Considered

You can also snag a copy from their bandcamp site HERE which provides all sorts of bundling option!


Side 1

1. Only Songs

2. Fall To Sleep

3. Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)

4. Fix You Up

Side 2

1. Patience

2. Not an Option

3. Capable

4. Catch And Release

Side 3

1. Back to Earth

2. The World We Built

3. Fruition

The Details


The Wild Reeds' debut album on Dualtone, The World We Built, on limited edition double 180-gram swirl vinyl.

Includes an instant download of "Only Songs" sent to your email upon purchase.

Also includes a coupon to download 320kbps mp3 files of the whole album.

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