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The Sandwitches make music that sounds like a modern murder ballad that was composed for a late night drive in a car full of smoke on a dark and empty road. From San Francisco this haunting 3 piece are back with their long awaited third album, and first since 2011.

At limited to only 200 copies on Oxblood vinyl in gold foil stamped jackets you better jump on this pre order now before it’s too late.

The Details

I write to you in the air, from an airplane, on my way to Mexico City so that I can make the following important announcement: Empty Cellar Records is supremely proud to debut the new album from The Sandwitches, Our Toast via Gorilla vs. Bear. We <3 The Sandwitches and couldn't be more excited about these new tracks, recorded straight to tape by San Francisco legend Kelley Stoltz and mastered by Mikey Young! Our Toast features over 45 minutes of new material, sublimely situated between the heartbreaking - spare - lullabies of Duck Duck Goose and the bewitching outsider pop of their first two full lengths How to Make Ambient Sadcake and Mrs. Jones' Cookies (we've included their full discography below for your edification). The LP versions come packaged in full-color printed inner sleeves - featuring lyrics for the first time - contained within stunning gold foil stamped jackets. The picture below does not do this one justice. So, without further ado... take one last bite of sadcake, put your cookies down, and raise a glass to join The Sandwitches for their 'toast'!!!

"The Sandwitches are a band straight out of a David Lynch film. Wide eyed beauties, hardened against the cold San Francisco air, voices bellowing like the capricious winds, sometimes low and meandering, sometimes high and haunting. Roxanne Young's drums ramble through song after song with a strange, unpredictable and perfect lightness, while near-moans and sky-high melodies collide in a soundtrack to the end of the world. Songs on this record deal with the most playful moments in a new love, the most charming parts of decay, the heart wrenching feeling of impending doom at the dawning of something new. This record is a seamless follow up to their previous release, Mrs. Jones' Cookies, a record teeming with, for the most part, a spirit possessed by possibility; pure and potent potential. Our Toast is a causal record, the beautiful, raw come down. The spell has been broken and this new batch of songs lingers in the space between. The Sandwitches took songs born of universal anguish to create a record blooming with whimsical notes on a life that’s changing chapters." - Emily Rose (Ty Segall Band)

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