„nüt meh wird so sii wie’s isch gsi“
This one is special. Folk in my mother language Swiss German. It’s very rare that I really like this combination. Th. Hoffmann sings very sad texts about the life and death of his father mostly only accompanied by a lonely guitar and a harmonica. It’s one of the most honest records I’ve heard in a long time. «Uranus Présent» is his second solo record and the first in Swiss German. It reminds me of an early Elliott Smith record – direct and pure. I really hope that he’ll continue to release records in Swiss German, as it gives these songs the honesty they deserve.
There are only 150 copies of this self-released vinyl and I can’t recommend it enough, even though it’s a bit pricy, because the Swiss Franc is very strong at the moment. Get it directly from Bandcamp or at Jamarico Records in Zürich, where you can get it with a limited edition extra book of poems from Th. Hoffmann.

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Edition of 150 Vinyl Lps

Price $31

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