Another record I found out about today. Suzuki Junzos record falls out of time and i find it really hard to describe. it’s a strange mixture of fingerpicking folk, noisy guitar waves and psychedelic passages all with a japanese influence. the only artist that comes in my mind is Aritomo. There are so many records released every day and it’s so rare to find something unique with a new approach. I don’t think, that this is for everyone, but if you’re open for something new you should give it a try. One first song below.

“New release from psychedelic Japanese guitarist Suzuki Junzo (Overhang Party, Miminokoto, 20 Guilders) on limited edition vinyl. From Jandek style weird folk to beautiful crystalline guitar passages, this melancholy masterpiece covers all the bases. Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Kawabata Makoto and LSD March/Kousokuya, ex. Fushitsusha Drummer Takahashi Ikuro both guests on 3 songs. Recommended if you like Loren Mazzacane Conners, Acid Mothers Temple, Syd Barrett. (Sees of Sound)”

Buying from Japan i pretty expensive. I recommend Eclipse in the US. they have it on pre-order for $22.99.

The Details

1. ナゼの瞳 | IN THE EYES OF NAZE [02:44]
2. 真夏の底 | MIDSUMMER'S END [02:16]
3. 裂け目 IV | ECLIPSE IV [06:10]
5. 燃えつきた地図 | LAMENT FOR THE MAN WITHOUT A MAP [02:41]
6. YT博士の逡巡 | DR. YT'S HESITATION [00:45]**
7. 日の果て | THE END OF HORIZON [03:44]
8. 夜の樹 | A TREE OF NIGHT [02:54]
9. 光の影 | SHADOWS OF LIGHT [05:51]**
10. 地の群れ | CHI NO MURE [12:33]
11. 黄金の腕 | THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM [03:16]

** only included on CD edition

AATN: for foreign customer, if you buy 'SINGS II' Vinyl Record on this web shop, nowadays, shipping cost of Vynil record is expensive. so i send you invoice of total shipping after you checkout. thanks.

Price $25

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