Polish is said to be the most difficult language to learn in the world. Stara Rzeka is both an artist and a village within the former Soviet country. “Stara Rzeka,” off of Stara Rzeka, by Stara Rzeka goes from this very psychedelic take on folk to drone to space rock to this über bright explosion of ambience – like the ship Mr. Ziołek commandeered has officially taken off to be with the shining white specks in the sky we sometimes remember to gaze at in our overstimulated lives embedded in the blessing and curse we refer to as technology. This is something you put on to feel euphoric, like our friend Carl Sagan. The last bit of “Stara Rzeka” makes me think of a quote from Zac Efron’s character in “Neighbors.” He says “I’m a supernova; burn bright, die young.” Much like its rapid rise in intensity, it fades away just as abruptly. Check out the Bandcamp stream of Stara Rzeka below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Infinite Greyscale is delighted to present a new long-form composition by Stara Rzeka. The Polish village of Stara Rzeka and its surrounding countryside were devastated by a huge tornado on the 14th of July 2012. Stara Rzeka is where musician Kuba Ziołek, who adopted the name as one of several artistic projects, spends his summers, and the morning following the storm Ziołek was present to witness the aftermath.

This self-titled piece opens to the crackle of electricity in the air and a distinct impression of menace. The distortion softens, but never truly fades, as it gives way to song; a graceful and melancholy ode to what nature has been divested of in the storm. Eventually this human presence, like the tornado, departs to leave the composition sounding like the land itself; wounded but brimming with life, buzzing and psychedelic.

The fact that the artist, music, and location all exist under one heading suggests that these elements are interdependent and inseparable. This is music as elegiac at it is sanguine, at perpetual as it is fixed in time, and here Stara Rzeka is all of those things.

Single sided 10”, pressed on dark green vinyl with screen-printed b-side. Numbered edition of 300.
Handmade artwork by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck. Screenprint by Ulrich Schmidt-Novak.
Includes numbered insert, photograph, and download code.
Mastered & cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.

All sounds by Kuba Ziołek except the beginning's dark bass electronics by Radek Dziubek.
released 02 October 2014

Price $24.21

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