Really cool release here from the Singles Club. I won’t do a whole ton of description about all they got going on, but in simple – “Every quarter we release a 45 single* featuring an exclusive track for the club along with a B-Side containing an interview with the artist. All paired with a digital journal containing written features, photo, video, and more available right here.”

It’s a pretty cool deal for sure. This quarters track by Small Sur really jumped out to me. Very much in the vein of Breathe Owl Breathe and Night Beds.  Take a listen and check out this quality release.


Btw the $65 price is for a year subscription, not just this one release.

The Details

A series of limited edition 7" records released quarterly and delivered straight to your door. Side A features track recorded exclusively for the club. Side B features a narrative composition with the artist. You'll even get a Singles Club 45 box that you can fill up as new issues roll in. All limited to 250 copies. When we're out, we're out.


Daniel Bachman, Small Sur, Woodsman & Wisdom Tooth


Four - 7" Records (limited to 250) includes exclusive A side and VINYL ONLY interview with the artist on the B side
Digital Download
Subscription-Only release
Custom 7" Box to fill as issues roll in
Bonus items - 45 Converter, Singles Club pin
Shipping Included!

Price $65

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