OpalSamplingSounding more like a loose group of friends sitting around the living room on a winter’s night, the new Riverhorse album is actually the creation of Joliet, Illinois resident Brian Motyll from material he wrote and recorded in his bedroom. Although certainly not a new or novel recording situation, Motyll’s production has enough “space” to convey a warm, friendly feel. All lyrics, guitars, piano and vocals were done by Motyll, except drums on a handful of tracks by Scott Ahlgrim. Having praised the positive mood set on “Opal”, the ten tracks aren’t all flowers and starry nights in these slices of contemporary Americana. Listen to Gunslinger’s Love Song for a darker side of his music, and then explore Raven’s Cry, Kings & Sailors,  or even the title track for variations in direction moods.

Fonoflo Records got right behind this release (the label’s 4th) but putting out a package with a variety of vinyl color creations, as well as 6 vintage-looking postcards designed just for this album. (Pssst: One order will include a special postcard that will entitle the owner to a very special prize).

Pressing Information:

50 “Opal” pressings (see samples above) – $35 

100 “Big Red Balloon” (red vinyl)- $20

150 “Amarillo Skies” (orange vinyl)- $20

Thanks to Nicholas for the tip!

Price $35

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