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Released last December in digital-only form, Richard Houghten‘s Sonata De Grillo takes you on an amazing electronic-meets-folk journey, and as always, Richard has put that hand-made touch on this release like you’ve never seen before.

Limited Edition of 100 Numbered Copies on Clear with Blue/Yellow Splatter
Hand-Screened Jackets  in full color CMYK Color Process.
Side-B was reverse cut, from the middle-out, so that it play outwards and it ends in a large locked-groove
Vinyl Exclusive Track
Album Artwork by Teppei Ando


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Each of the 7″s features a unique Hand-Drawn Cover by artist Teppei Ando.


A word from the artist:

Sonata De Grillo is Spanish for ‘song of the cricket‘, or ‘music of the cricket‘. While I was working on this album every evening a cricket would start their song just as the sun was setting.
A lot of times while recording my guitar I could hear him chirp, I eventually stuck my mic through the window and decided to give him a proper recording. He was fully featured on the title track “Sonata De Grillo“.

The cover was drawn by my good friend Teppei Ando, I knew if anyone could capture me jamming with a cricket he could. The drawing was then silk screened in full color to all 100 covers.

The entire album is made up of tracks ranging over three years. I recorded my guitar in tunnels and storm drains, sampled movies, music boxes and vinyl records. I also had the pleasure to record Nicole Calhoun on cello.
This is my first solo release as Richard Houghten on a full length vinyl record.
It was an amazing process cutting the lacquers, getting the plates made and getting to drive directly to the pressing plant.
I cut Side-B reversed, starting from the middle of the record traveling outwards. It ends in a lock groove of the cricket chirping so when the record finishes, you can leave it looping and it will sound like your lost in an ambient world crickets.
Each record was hand stamped with silver ink from 1 – 100. It was a lot of work but worth it.

~ Richard Houghten ~

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The Details

All music by Richard Houghten
Cover art by Teppei Ando

Price $23

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