Play a word-association game with somebody and when you say “Hunter S. Thompson” they will no doubt come up with either “Gonzo journalism,” “Fear & Loathing” or “Ralph Steadman.” (If they say “Who?” or “Johnny Depp” then it is time to get new friends.) Talented Englishman Ralph Steadman experienced a meteoric rise in both the art world and social & political countercultures as he teamed up with writer Hunter Thompson to unleash their unique look at the world through rather unusual eyes in the early 70’s, and has since gone on to publish over 25 books, design record covers (Frank Zappa, The Who, etc), and beer  & wine labels (the latter which was banned in Ohio for being “disturbing”).

This time the award-winning Ralph Steadman takes inspiration from his 1984 book “I, Leonardo” and is releasing two tracks on Philthy Phonographic Records. Not only is Steadman providing his easily identifiable art to the 7″ sleeve of this limited edition record, but he is also the artist providing the tracks “The Man Who Woke Up in the Dark” & “Striped Paint.” Stumped as to which category this record fits best, Philthy Phil points us towards “Folk” and adds that these two cuts were earmarked for inclusion in a musical. Hmmm… as cryptic as you might expect for something from the unorthodox and highly creative Steadman.

Get more information on the man himself here:

Ralph Steadman website

And if a limited edition release of this unique piece of vinyl was wasn’t enough, Philthy Phonographic Records went an extra mile to get personally involved in the pressing process to come up with some pretty amazing slices of custom wax at the Gotta Groove pressing plant in  Cleveland.

These limited edition variants include:

200 opaque “Ralph Red” ~ $8

75 “Steadman Splatter” ~ $12

24 variants with ripped up pieces of Steadman art in the vinyl, along with SIGNED silk-screened covers ~ $75

ralph 1

The Details

NOTE: This was created as an experimental art record and should be treated as just that... Art.

Due to the variation in thickness of the art used, paper may and will be exposed on the surface of the record. Some records may not play well or barely at all.

Thanks to Philthy Phil for the tip!

Price $8

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