mewithoutyou first came to my attention with their stellar album “Catch For Us The Foxes”, a sweeping exploration of spoken-word melodies with experimental rock backings. At first, I was turned back by the chaotic pace and sounds at which the band proceeds to bombard your eardrums with. But, after multiple listenings, the innovative lyrics and overall storytelling applied to music was something I could no longer turn away from.

Since then, mewithoutyou has charted new territories (with varying degrees of success in my opinion) but in 2012 returned to form with the album “Ten Stories”. This album, based loosely from a book lead vocalist Weiss read about a circus-train crash in Montana, tells the story of individual animals throughout, weaving their stories into that of chaos and contentment.

Other Stories, therefore, is a continuation of these stories, and these songs have never been released before. Almost as exciting as the Vinyl itself (in clear and “Onion Orange”) is the fact that the 7″ will come with artwork and a lyric sheet, really upping the quality level of the release. It is a welcome addition to an already stellar album, and will most likely sell out quickly, so get on it as soon as you can if you want it! Please note, price and buy now link are guesses, as these details have yet to be released.

Also of note, at the same time they will be releasing new colors of their album “Brother, Sister”

The Details

Next Tuesday (8/6) at Midnight EST we will self-release two exclusive tracks as a limited edition 7-Inch and as a Pay-What-You-Want digital download on our website and through our online store.

Other Stories contains the b-sides “Julian the Onion” and “Four Fires,” two tracks that previously only available on the limited-edition deluxe version of Ten Stories. Each song is rooted in the story of the same 19th-century traveling circus train crash from Ten Stories and expands on the character of the Rabbit from East Enders Wives and introduces a new character previously cut from the album, Julian.

For those who desire physical media we have re-upped the 7-inches from the Deluxe Box Set of Ten Stories and are offering them in Clear and something we are calling “Onion Orange.” Not only are we offering new and rare colors but the 7-inches also come with two paintings by Russian-born artist Vasily Kafanov, and a lyric sheet and foreword by drummer Rick Mazzotta, packaged in an old-style gatefold jacket . We are only selling 335 copies of this 7-inch and we do not expect them to stick around long.

Price $20

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