RIYL: Sam Amidon, Neil Halstead, Doveman, Sun Kil Moon

Label: Driftless Recordings

Departing from bands such as Princeton and Gap Dream, Matt Kivel is now focusing on his solo career. Concocting beautiful folk tunes, Kivel’s storytelling style is one that is raw and real, but soothing all the while.

For this upcoming album, Kivel sought out the talented Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out) in Glasgow to produce and record. The partnership sounds like it will be very fruitful from what has been heard thus far.

Fun note, this album release party is being paired with a craft beer release from Craftsmen Brewing Company . The beer, Janus, will be a smoked winter ale brewed with peat….it’s sure to be complex, earthy and slightly dark…kind of like his new album.

The Details

Color limited to 300
Black limited to 100

01 “Janus”
02 “Violets”
03 “Pyrrha”
04 “Prime Meridian”
05 “No Return”
06 “Janice”
07 “Jamie’s”
08 “The Shining Path”
09 “Orpheus”
10 “Palm Beach”

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Price $18

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