Nice limited box set here from indie folk musician Little Wings. These songs have a great intimate lofi feel – the 7 minute opener “Motorcycle Sky” is a comforting, sprawling acoustic¬†spiel best saved for quiet evenings at home. Good tunes all around on this release – the Grateful Dead cover is a new favorite of mine.

The music comes on two square 7 inch lathe cuts, housed in an old reel to reel box that’s been screenprinted and filled with goodies. Buttons, a poster and booklet ¬†and even a 45 minute DVD on the creation of the boxset? Yes please.¬†People In A Position To Know have put together a real keepsake here.

Shipping is $6 to the U.S., $17 to Canada, $22 to the rest of the world.

The Details

Each boxset includes:
- Painted and silkscreened Reel to Reel box
- 2x lathe cut square clear 7"
- 6x 1.5" buttons
- a 28 page zine booklet
- a 12x18" poster
- a DVD with a 45 min "film" of the recording of the boxset.

Ltd ed of 70 boxsets

Price $34.99

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