Hit Cult Label Orchid Tapes, who won the hearts of music collectors by first releasing cassettes on their humble Tumblr platform based website are re-releasing what some suggest an album that faded out too fast before it’s time, before it got it’s dues. That’s mainly because the pieces of the band consisted of individual already dabbling into projects in motion. Alas, in harmoniously proper form, on vinyl for the first time, Orchid Tapes presents, “You’re Worth More To Me Than 1000 Christians,” by Les Mouches.

This album was made in the early 2000’s, during a time when the North Eastern part of the United States and South Eastern Canada was arguably churning out some of the most up and coming acclaimed indie bands at the time. For me, was a lot of dreariness in the air, and a lot of having to look past post 9/11. Bands such as Broken Social Scene, Malajube, The Stills, Wolf Parade, Grizzly Bear, The Walkmen, Elefant and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah we’re heavy on my playlist in high school. More often than not, I seem to only remember the really gray days of my adolescence, which included a lot of Kazaa and Winamp skin organizing. Les Mouches fits right in there with all the above sounds mentioned.

Owen Pallet’s very careful and pleasant baritone trickles across clean dazzling guitar for the majority of the tracks. There are some elements of experimentation throughout which served sort of as a staple for the DIY Baroque rock that was coming from the areas mentioned above. This album employs a healthy amount of dissonance, which combined with acoustic = a heavy load of tea drinking. I could see fans of Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Xiu Xiu and even Fleet Foxes softer recordings swooning over this album. Get your hands on this pressing which features exclusive new artwork for Orchid Tapes.

The Details


Originally released on CD only on Blocks Recording Club in 2004, remastered with new artwork for a first-time vinyl release on Orchid Tapes.

Pressed to gold and pink vinyl / Edition of 500.

1. Cities Become Less Important
2. Carload Of Whatever
3. Daddy Needs A Daddy
4. Behold The Hands Of Men
5. Divorce The Ones You Love
6. Little Coup
7. Spalding Man
8. Lucy On Her Birthday
9. What We Know As Buildings Have Always Been Canyons

Each order includes:
• One record with a small amount of a custom-made scent sprayed onto the jacket
• Logo-stamped tea bag
• Guava candy
• Les Mouches artwork pin
• Orchid Tapes sticker
• Hand-written thank-you note

Thank you everyone xo

Price $20

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