RIYL: Jose Gonzalez, Feist

Label: Astralwerks

Ahhh where it all began, this album was a game changer for me when it came out in 2001. I had a bit of a bummer freshman year in college and melancholy was a way of life. And of all the albums available this one dug it’s heels in deep. This has been an album i’ve been after for many years and finally it’s going to be ours!

This is truly a must have.

This album is dropping at Indie record stores April 5th. I really appreciate this coming out before RSD so I can just stroll in and grab a copy and go about my day.

The Details

Iconic and influential Norwegian indie folk duo Kings of Convenience announce exclusive vinyl reissues of their seminal first three releases—Quiet Is The New Loud [2001], Versus [2001], and Riot on an Empty Street [2004]—available exclusively to indie retailers on April 5, 2016, and in stores everywhere April 8, 2016 via Astralwerks.  In addition to the standard black vinyl, each album will be made in very limited colored vinyl editions that are influenced by the cover art.  Quiet will be issued in BLUE, Versus in RED and Riot in BROWN.

Price $20

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