It’s expensive and 1000 seems like a whole lot, but the original press sells for several hundred euros and this versions hast 3 bonus tracks is singed and has an art print. KEATON HENSON is a talented young singer-songwriter with a love for sentimental ballads. it’s perfect, if you’re in the mood for it. Dear was his debut record and his best in my opinion.

“Keaton Henson did not set out to make a debut album. He started writing songs as a personal project, never intending to release them, which goes some way to explaining why they are so intensely honest and intimate. He recorded at home, under the Heathrow flightpath, using found objects and the limited instruments he had collected at that time (late 2009/early 2010). Recording took place in the gaps between planes passing over head, based on a runway schedule printed next to his desk – at times you can hear plane noise at the beginning or end of the tracks.

1000 vinyl copies were made and quickly sold out.

Ever since then Keaton’s fans have been continually requesting a vinyl re-release. The opportunity to do this arose after Keaton collaborated successfully with The Vinyl Factory on the vinyl release of his critically acclaimed ‘Romantic Works’. The new ‘Dear…’ vinyl edition will once again be limited to 1000 copies and accompanied by an art print by Keaton. There will be three bonus tracks, of which Keaton says “There were certain songs from the same era as ‘Dear…’ that I felt in hindsight should perhaps have been included, and wondered what they would sound like with new production added.” And when better to re-release a quintessential heartbreak album than the week of Valentine’s Day?”



The Details

* 'Dear' re-issue plus three 're-produced' bonus tracks
* 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl
* Bespoke matt sleeve with spot UV debossed artwork
* Exclusive fine art print by Keaton Henson
* Individually hand signed and numbered
* Limited to 1000 copies worldwide

Price $37

Keaton Henson - Small Hands from Keaton Henson on Vimeo.

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