One of the most beautiful folk records I’ve heard in a long long time. Kathryn Joseph has a special voice that won’t please everyone, but it stands out among all the recently released folk records. The songs are mostly based on her minimal and repetitive piano playing. The self-released white vinyl is only available through her Bandcamp page and it’s quite expensive, as it is from the UK. However, just listen to these songs and fall in love with this beautiful fragile music.

“On first listen, the songs seem simple enough. Piano parts, often recorded live with ambient pedal/keyboard squeaks, consist of gently sequenced chords, two-note vamps and left-hand arpeggios set against brief right-hand melodies, while subtle percussion affects the delicate moods. Then there’s that voice, somewhere in the middle distance, husky and fractionally behind the beat, a knife-edge whisper with rapid-fire vibrato. As a whole, the album is a completely enveloping experience, a fragile and idiosyncratic musical vision drowned in minor keys.”

The Details

Prodigiously talented and criminally underrated; Kathryn is one of Scotland's best-kept secrets. Her voice possesses the other-worldly quality comparable to Ms Newsom and Björk; but she is by no means of an ilk. Better compared with Anthony Heggarty; she is an artist in every way; unique and soulful, and at the core a beautiful unnerving truth.

Limited edition 12" pressed onto White Vinyl.

Price $30

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