I cannot even contain myself right now. Josh Ritter (in my top 5 of all time favorite artists – if not number 1) is re-pressing one of his best albums: The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. AND it’s on 180g red vinyl. AND it comes with a 150g black vinyl of un-released and demo tracks. AND there is a chance to win 1 of 3 testing pressings. AND Josh Ritter is pretty much the nicest guy ever.

Who is Josh Ritter?

Let me explain incase you’ve be avoiding folk rock for the past 14 years.

Josh’s talent is three fold. First, He has the uncanny ability to arrange notes into uniquely beautiful patterns. Second, His lyrics are so masterfully constructed that they are nothing short of impeccable poetry. Just as Emily Dickinson is one of the most important American poets, I strongly believe that Josh Ritter will be the greatest American folk singer of our time and many times to come. Oh yeah, and third, the guy has one of the biggest hearts. I met him after a show in Boulder, Colorado last year. My fiancé and I waited outside of the venue for over an hour and when he came out he immediately came over to us, gave us HUGE hugs and thanked us so much for coming out, signed our Animal Years vinyl, and asked us how we met. And we don’t even know him personally. That’s how awesome the guy is. And he takes that smiley energy/heart to the stage too.

I tell you all this because I think sometimes there are artists that transcend their craft and become something greater. Josh Ritter is one of those people.

If you love folk. Buy this album.
If you love well written lyrics. Buy this album.
If you just want to support a super nice guy. Buy this album.

I could sit here and continue to talk about the album itself, but I wouldn’t do it justice. So just listen below.

As for me, I’ll be spinning this one until the grooves wear flat.


The Details

Three random lucky fans who order this vinyl from the Josh Ritter webstore will win a vinyl test pressing of Historical Conquests. Only 3 copies exist in the world!

Historical Conquests Limited Deluxe Edition 2xLP

• Deluxe Double LP in a gatefold jacket
• The studio album (LP #1) is on 180 gram translucent RED vinyl.
• There is a 10 song 12" (LP #2) on 150 gram black vinyl. The bonus LP features rare & hard to find remixes and demos, as well as THREE PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED demos: "Michelle," "Good Days," and "Black Jack Davey."
• Download card included with vinyl purchase.

Studio Album Track Listing:

01. To The Dogs Or Whoever
02. Mind's Eye
03. Right Moves
04. The Temptation Of Adam
05. Open Doors
06. Rumors
07. Edge Of The World
08. Wait For Love
09. Real Long Distance
10. Next To The Last Romantic
11. Moons
12. Still Beating
13. Empty Hearts
14. Wait For Love (You Know You Will)

Bonus 12" Track Listing:

01. Overnight
02. Michelle (demo)
03. Good Days (demo)
04. Black Jack Davey (demo)
05. Sherriff McGiven
06. Still Beating (demo)
07. Rumors (Jackdrag Off Broadway Remix)
08. Wildfires
09. Naked As A Window
10. Labelship Down

Price $24

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