There seems to be a wave of solo acoustic guitar releases with several very good ones. Isasa is the solo project of Conrado Isasa, a former member of a Spanish band I’ve never heard of “A room with a view.” His first solo record is very much in the same league as Jack Rose or the first James Blackshaw releases; mostly melancholic songs and pure fingerpicking guitar. I’m really surprised that this one is a debut record; definitely one to watch. There are only 100 Ultra Clear Turquoise Vinyl LPs directly from the label. A black version limited to 200 will be available in most independent shops worldwide.

The Details

Isasa "Las Cosas" LP
100 Limited Edition Colored Vinyl (Ultra Clear Turquoise)
200 Limited Black

Crepuscular solo acoustic guitar excursions from former member of cult
band A Room with a View. Influenced by Geoff Farina, Glenn Jones,
Jack Rose, Negro and the ubiquitous John Fahey.

Something lights our heart up when we hear the sound of a guitar. Our human
condition explains the great appeal we feel for the voices of our peers, but the
sound of a guitar only comes second to that. Conrado Isasa started his musical
journey in the late 90’s fronting A Room With A View, a pivotal band in that
Spanish independent scene that did not appear in the mainstream music press
but only in fanzines. In their early stage, A Room with a View placed themselves
in the emotional hardcore area, but later on they progressed into much freer
territories, leaving behind a unique musical legacy in the Spanish scene that
even today (take notice of the reissues released by the same label, La Castanya)
retains its validity and impact. The band disbanded in 2003, after which Conrado
decided to explore the creative possibilities of an instrument that was new to
him: the trumpet. Back in 2007, when at a Glorytellers show Geoff Farina (head
honcho of Karate and one of Isasa’s musical milestones) covered a song by
Mississippi John Hurt, a new door opened for Conrado. He took his guitar out
of the closet and immersed himself fully in the study of the Delta country blues
tradition and the musicians that helped renew that language in later times. Some
time later (after a Split cassette tape with Carnisaur and some songs uploaded
in his own bandcamp), we get to Las Cosas, the much anticipated first LP by
the musician from Madrid. Far from the displays of technique that would have
affected his own artistic growth, Isasa chooses to develop an organic, serene and
meditative style that is a relaxed and unhurried experience for the listener and
that uses the guitar as its sole expressive vehicle. A bunch of songs that, after the
first few listens, reveals itself to be much more varied than it seems, chockfull of
the kind of warmth that is also found in Glenn Jones’ records, with moments of a
remarkable poetic intensity (the wonderful “Tricotosa”) and meditative passages
(a tip of the hat to Sir Richard Bishop in “La ley del árbol”). In short,
Las Cosas projects a spiritual and twilight beauty very much like the one we find in John
Fahey’s records —one of the most important musicians of the 20th century— or
the ill-fated Jack Rose. Music that is light for our hearts.

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